You can also find me on the following websites:

Special thanks goes out to the following people:

Nick Andrew – A wonderful guitarist and teacher who improved my playing tremendously –


Paul Hooker – For the very nicely taken black and white shot of me on the front page

Lyn Ison – A talented photographer, who took many of the shots found on this website

Paul Emerton – Who took the electric guitar shot of me on the front page

Alex Irons – Who took the shot of me and bassist Jake Munn after our interview on Camden Roundhouse Radio (front page)

Also check out:

Clifford White – A fantastic St Albans based composer (as well as producer, web designer, online marketer and more) who has created some very inventive and beautiful music. Please check him out here:

Georgia Blesson –  A talented young singer that I have enjoyed accompanying at several local gigs/festivals. One to watch for the future! You can hear her voice here:

Peter Elliot (guitar, bass and ukelele tutor) –

Book Recommendations:

These are all on my bookshelf – used either for my own development or for teaching guitar students:

Rockschool Guitar Companion Guide (Grades Debut-8) – Useful for students and teachers alike! If you’re keen to take a guitar grade at some point this features a variety of ‘unseen tests’ from the exams on areas such as improvisation, developing your musical ear, sight reading etc. Good for practising before the real thing!

Rockschool Guitar Technical Handbook (Grades Debut-8) – A good companion to the previous book, this has no practise tests, but rather contains lots of useful scales, arpeggios and technical exercises that prepare you for beginners – advanced guitar playing.

Guitar Chords in Context Part One: Construction and Application – I’ve rarely seen such clear explanations of basic and advanced chord theory. This book has been very helpful in developing my jazz playing (Jazz is overflowing with different chord types!).

L’espirit Manouche – A book for big boys and girls. It goes from basic arpeggios right through to Gypsy Jazz theory and technical exercises that would frighten many advanced players. Less scary than when i first bought it, I still have plenty to learn from this one.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Play Along (with CD) – The CD for this book comes with backing tracks that sound so good, I mainly like using them to practise improvising solos. That said, obviously Stevie Ray Vaughan was a brilliant guitarist and the tabs in this book are very accurate.

Jam with Joe Satriani (with CD) – This is really more of a recommendation for any of the ‘Jam with…’ series, but I especially like this Satriani one for the selection of instrumentals included. Backing tracks are top quality and tab is very accurate.

The Real Book Volume 1 C – A brilliant book for many reasons. Not only a huge book full of classic songs, it is also great for practising your rhythm guitar playing (plenty of interesting jazz chords to get your fingers and brain around). It’s also ringbound – might sound a small detail, but it’s nice to practise from a book that will sit still on a music stand!

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