Guitarist Video Reel

This video is a showcase of my guitar playing and features Metal, Rock and Blues soloing/improvisation, Jazz, Slide guitar and Acoustic Fingerstyle.

‘Autumn Leaves’ – solo guitar arrangement

This is a video of my arrangement of a jazz classic. I chose to perform it on a nylon strung classical guitar because I thought the tone complimented this piece nicely. I plan to upload more arrangements soon so watch this space!

JTC Solo Contest 2015

Here’s a rock solo I created for the Jam Track Central competition in March 2015. It was a lot of fun coming up with this and JTC created a great backing track to play over.

‘Through the mountains’

I named this blues/rock instrumental after my love of mountaineering and hiking. It also features drums written by the very brilliant Roz Ison.

‘Honeysuckle Rose’

Me and my good friend Ryan Wood – A jam through a Gypsy Jazz interpretation of the classic ‘Honeysuckle Rose’. Filmed all the way back in 2007!



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