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Online Guitar Lessons

Welcome to my free online guitar lessons!

If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact page of this website.

Turn up loud and enjoy yourselves!



7 Motivation ideas for Beginner Guitarists – by Tom Hunt

Lead playing:

Lick 1: ‘Woke up this morning’ – Classic bluesy lick with the blues scale – Beginner/Intermediate

Building Rock and Blues Solos Part 1 – E Minor Pentatonic Exercises and licks – Beginner/Intermediate

Lick 2: ‘Bold as Hendrix’ – Blues/Rock lick in the style of Jimi – Intermediate


Guitar Memory Game – Beginner

I have created a guitarist’s version of the classic card game ‘Memory’. I’m hoping it will be a useful resource for fellow guitar teachers, parents of young students and anyone else who fancies it! The content on the cards is based on the book ‘Rockschool Debut Guitar’ and so is beginner level.

Songs – Chord Sheets:

Note on chord sheets: the ‘/’ after a chord name is a shorthand symbol. It indicates for how many additional beats you should stay on that chord.

The ‘]’ symbol indicates the end of a bar (in most songs there are 4 beats in each bar).

Chords: Three Little Birds – Bob Marley – Chords – Beginner

Chords: Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan – Chords – Beginner



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