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‘The Boogie Monster’ – Rock Along To The 12 Bar Blues!

A fun and rocking course that includes high-quality audio tracks, scores (including guitar and bass tab) and an accompanying power point presentation.

This course is aimed at students between grades 5– 9 but is likely to be useful for higher ages as well as instrumental tutors.

It works through fundamental aspects of the 12 bar Blues and includes 7 practical exercises in the key of E (one of the most common keys in all Blues music). 

In detail it covers the following:

Powerpoint PDF (colour and black + white version included):

– Brief History of Blues music
– 12 Bar Blues structure
– Blues ‘groove pattern’
– Blues walking basslines
– Straight and Shuffle rhythms
– Blues ‘turnarounds’
– Call and Response improvisation
– Improvising with the Major pentatonic scale
– Final piece combining all elements above
– Suggestions for how to compose a Blues piece

Audio files:

– 10 professionally recorded Mp3 files including examples and backing tracks


– 7 scores with additional tab for guitarists and bassists

I hope this course is helpful for your lessons and please contact me if you have any questions!

FREE PREVIEW INCLUDES: 2 Scores/Tabs, 1 Mp3 audio file, 4 pages of powerpoint PDF

To download a sample of the book or buy a full copy visit: