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Here are some great music tuition books that I recommend (all of which I own and have used personally or with students):

Justin Guitar Songbooks

I own a lot of Justin Sandercoe’s books and especially like his ‘Songbooks’ series. They have a great selection of songs most importantly, but also give you lots of the subtle details on rhythm, strumming etc. that you’ll need to sound like the real tune.


Guitar Aerobics – Troy Grady

A very ambitious and well structured book. It contains a whole year’s worth of guitar exercises that take you from beginner level (probably not complete beginner though) up to very advanced virtuosic guitar. If you manage it all in a year, then well done!


Rockschool Music Production Grade 1

A really well structured grade syllabus for music production that is also highly flexible to whichever DAW you use (DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation – i.e. music recording software).


Special thanks goes out to the following people:

Nick Andrew – A wonderful guitarist and teacher who improved my playing tremendously –

Randy Napoleon – Another fantastic guitarist who helped me hugely with jazz guitar playing –



Paul Hooker – For the very nicely taken black and white shot of me on the front page

Lyn Ison – A talented photographer, who took many of the shots found on this website

Paul Emerton – Who took the electric guitar shot of me on the front page

Alex Irons – Who took the shot of me and bassist Jake Munn after our interview on Camden Roundhouse Radio (front page)

Also check out:

Clifford White – A fantastic St Albans based composer (as well as producer, web designer, online marketer and more) who has created some very inventive and beautiful music. Please check him out here:

Naomi Wilson – She has written a fantastic and detailed article about getting started on the guitar:

Peter Elliot (guitar, bass and ukelele tutor) –


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