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Music Production Beginner’s Crash Courses

I’ve just finished running the first of my Music Production Beginner Crash Courses and it has been very rewarding and so much fun! Students now have their finished CDs/Mp3s and have learned how to put together a basic song using a ‘DAW’ (stands for: Digital Audio Workstation – e.g. software such as Garageband or Cubase).

We have looked at a variety of areas including programming virtual instruments, using virtual guitar and bass amps, designing drumbeats, mixing techniques, how to master and more.

I originally planned these courses to be in school holidays only, however I am now able to offer a limited amount during term time (for both school age students and adults). Please see the poster below for full details and contact info.

Testimonial from recent student/parent:

“This sort of thing is exactly what Rory loves: using equipment to mix and create is incredibly satisfying and a real achievement for others to hear what he put together. Your calm manner and expertise is perfect for him, he thrives in that atmosphere, which allows him to learn from you and expand his creative talents.” – Livia, parent of Music Production Crash Course student Rory