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‘Notes like raindrops’

The title of this article, ‘Notes like raindrops’, refers to a review written about one of my favourite jazz guitarists – Randy Napoleon. The words are as lyrical as the musician himself:

“…each note hangs, suspended with raindrop-like clarity from its bough of melody.” (Lawrence Consentino, Lansing Michigan’s City Pulse).

What a beautiful way to describe the playing of this guitarist.

Several years ago I watched Randy play live in Hertfordshire and was impressed not only by his guitar skills and feel for melody, but how gracious and unpretentious he was as a performer. Known for playing alongside top acts such as Michael Buble (amongst other projects!), he came out on to the stage to find only a handful of people in his audience. Despite this, his first words were something like:

“Don’t worry, we will play the same for you as we would for an audience of ten thousand people.”

Friendly and down-to-earth, he was willing to spend time chatting with us afterwards. I felt at the time that this was the sort of performer I aspired to be – always giving my best on stage and with no superiority complex!

As for the guitar-work, the tone and technique were wonderful and he moved around those solos with the precision of an SAS sniper (but with none of the violence). The other two musicians accompanying him were also fantastic and clearly enjoyed their job!

Of course, all of this is a way of encouraging you to check him out.

Have a listen here and enjoy:

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