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Outlaws Kept The View – first listen to debut EP!

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For those unfamiliar with Outlaws Kept The View, we are an acoustic duo featuring myself on guitar and lead vocals and Jake Munn on bass and backing vocals. We initially teamed up to perform each others solo material, but in a short space of time we discovered that we had a very natural songwriting ‘chemistry’ with each other (no jokes!). We therefore spent many long and happy hours writing songs together, in between a healthy amount of ‘mischief and mirth’ as they say.

I like to think we have developed our own distinctive sound, which I would sum up not very succinctly as: rock/blues/folk/country/film-score/ambient/acoustic. In other words we take from a lot of influences!

Perhaps ‘Acoustic Prog-Folk’ is the neatest fit? You be the judge!

Anyway we were put on hold when I injured my arm several years ago; very unfortunate timing as we were on the verge of finishing our EP at the time. Work commitments and all of that boring stuff extended our hiatus. Still, all of this has made it even more satisfying to finally put the last touches to ‘Bring out your Ghosts’ – our debut release.

This project means a lot to us and we have poured our hearts and souls into writing and performing the music. We hope you really enjoy it and you can now hear the ‘teaser trailer’ at the top of this page which gives you snippets of all 5 tracks that will be on the EP.

Please stand by for EP artwork and a release date!

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