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Guitarist’s ‘Memory’ Card Game (for beginners)

I’ve noticed that some of my younger guitar students seem to get very excited at the mention of playing a game! This is particularly true when they’ve been struggling with something, such as learning a new chord or piece, and want something a bit different to add variety to the lesson.

Therefore with this in mind, I’ve created a guitarist’s version of the classic ‘Memory’ card game, in which cards are laid face down in a random order and the student must find each corresponding pair.

In this guitar version, the cards relate to key elements from the Rockschool Grade Debut guitar book, such as basic chords, rhythms and tab. For example one corresponding pair in my game includes a card with ‘D Major’ written in text and a card with D Major written in tab.

I’m hoping this will be helpful for fellow guitar tutors, parents of young students and students themselves!

You can download it here and it’s free to use. Enjoy!! [media-downloader media_id=”135681847″ texts=”Download ‘Guitar Memory Game'”]  

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