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Lyric writing and pimpin’ my studio

I’m currently enjoying one of those rare but cathartic moments when I feel I have things to write about. Usually a new song or two comes along at some turning point in my life or when some intense experience naturally brings a lyric into my head.

Having just had a pretty intense week, I’ve opened a word document on my computer and fired off about three paragraphs of lyrics! The working title at the moment is ‘Courage from pain’. Here’s a wee cheeky sample:

‘The courage that is born out of pain
Can change a life, blossom in joy
Turn the most important problems
Into memories of another life
Pages from a book floating downstream
A bottomless river that swallows it all
And remains clean and flowing’

Knowing how much of a perfectionist I am, this probably means the lyrics I’ve just written will be a song in approximately a years time… Still, I shall post the full set of lyrics on this website when I have them written/refined!

In other news I’ve just added a shure sm58 microphone to my studio – if this name doesn’t mean much to you, put simply it’s a legendary bit of kit and should mean I have some nicer sounding recordings for you soon. There’s no fish tank in the back of my guitar amp, so I haven’t really ‘pimped’ my studio but it made for a nice title.


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